Science Club


Ms. Nikki Milledge

What we will be doing:

  • Once a month lunch meetings (Always the second Tuesday of the month) (schedules included) (bring your own lunch)
  • Once a Quarter Science Saturdays - we will do science projects. Times will vary depending on the activity. I have asked last year’s students to come with ideas for these this year. I will tried to arrange these around sports.
  • Science Fair - students will have the option to do science fair. Competing in the regional science fair will look good on college applications and may provide scholarships and trip opportunities.
  • Fundraising - 50/50 and raffle ticket sales (this is the only way we get money to do our activities and trips). We are looking for ideas to take the place of roll sales. (No food fundraisers)
  • Science focused trip - We will decide as a group where we want to go and what we want to do. This trip usually falls between winter sports and spring sports. I am hoping to move it to the summer vacation.

Requirements to being and staying a member:

  • You must be signed up as a member no later than the November meeting.
  • You must attend meetings UNLESS you are out of school that day, at a Dr appointment (Check in prior to missing), or at a sporting event. More than two unexcused absences and you will no longer be part of the club.
  • You must attend Science Saturdays UNLESS you are out of town with family, sick, or at a sporting event. I will need a parent written excuse. If you have 2 unexcused absences you will no longer be part of Science Club. You may replace Science Saturdays if you compete in the regional Science Fair.
  • You are required to earn 15 fundraising points or pay $150 to attend the trip. Each raffle ticket = .5 points 50/50 = 2 points

Students interested in being in Science Club should see Ms. Milledge for a membership form. You must rejoin every year. Our first meeting will be Sept 11th. We will be deciding on Science Saturday activities and dates.